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We are here to assist you in whatever concerns property management. 

Our services are:

* Consultancy: It is most important to be informed well before buying or selling. The choice of the property, the legal procedures, the current expenses, building licenses, taxes, letting possibilities, these are issues to discuss with specialists who have the knowledge and the experience to inform you correctly without fairy tales. 

* Valuation: The real value of a property can fluctuate, especially in times of economical recession. We advice you about changes in the real estate market and investment opportunities.

*Maintenance and renovation: You found your dreamhouse and want maintenance done while you are away? We can supervise any kind of work at your property. When you come back for your next holiday, the job is done.

* Caretaking: All kind of things can happen while you are not here. Do you want someone trustworthy to visit your property regularly, to let in some fresh air, to pay the bills, or to clean before arrival. Let us know your wishes and we will take care of it.

* Touristic exploitation: Through our activities and connections in the tourism sector we can directly promote your property in case you wish to exploit it by letting it during the months that you do not use it. Of course there are laws and regulations. We will inform you and help you to set it up.

* Financing and insurance: Do you need financing or insurance? Let us introduce you to the best partners in the financial field.

Why us?

Being a couple with different backgrounds (Greek/Dutch), we know very well the mediterranean as well as the northern European mentality. This helps us to bring different cultures together, to be open-minded and to understand what is important to you.

We cooperate with local authorities lawyers, notaries, engineers, architects, constructors, technicians and maintenance staff from the island. We know who are the best.

For many people a house in Greece is a dream. Let us prevent this dream becoming a nightmare when not consulted properly from the start.


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